Barry the Bike and the Hardware Truck

The second book in the series, Barry the Bike and the Hardware Truck is now available.

Barry gets a flat tyre because someone has been dropping nails on the road. Barry soon finds out who is leaving the nails on the road – it’s the Hardware Truck.

This beautifully told and illustrated story is sure to delight all young readers, and those who love to be read to.

The hardware Truck

Look out for the Vincent!

Vincent Motors provided the rights to bring the one of the most famous names in motorcycling to the Barry the Bike series. Over the next few months we will be working hard to capture the spirit of this marque in one of our up-coming books.

We are still on a search for a name for our new character. Anyone who thinks they have a great name to suit this magnificent machine please forward your suggestions. The winner of the selected name will receive a free Barry the Bike book!

Vincent Bike