Barry the Bike - Introduction

Barry the Bike books are set in a time that was simpler and a lot less rushed than the lives we live today. The stories do not suffer from being cluttered with the latest technology and products that become outdated before the book is read. The Barry the Bike series is designed to bring enjoyment for all ages and encourage young children to read them over and over again.

Many motor vehicles today look so similar it is hard to distinguish one from brand from another. In the period of Barry the Bike, each car, truck and motorcycle had its own unique style and character. This is captured throughout the series and brings delight to the young and stirs the memories in the not so young.

I would like to take is opportunity to thank the companies that provided the rights to use their brand in the books. Without their support it would have been next to impossible to bring Barry the Bike books to reality.

We hope you will enjoy the series as it becomes available and provide us with your valuable feedback.

Jeremy and Mary Ann Furness
Author and Illustrators

Picture of Barry the Bike book